Frequently Asked Questions

( Just the FAQ’s )

Will my former CPE attendance count toward certification? Yes, it will.

What accreditations will WSHO have to certify me as a Chaplain or “specific specialty” Chaplain? WSHO has aligned our curriculum with surveyors of government, private and public organizations which will add critical elements to the 2,100 hours of WSHO clinical training and supervision. WSHO has received an affiliation status endorsement by the Board and membership of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

What distinguishes WSHO from other certifying organizations? WSHO provides a comprehensive and sound foundation for all specialty Chaplain credentials. While some organizations offer Chaplain certification only after “a few days of training“, WSHO provides the highest number of hours of any curriculum for training and certification of Chaplains in the world; currently at 2,100 hours.

Will a reciprocal Board Certification be granted to those holding certification(s) in other organizations? Every person applying for certification with WSHO has the opportunity of being granted reciprocal certification by providing justification on their application form, and after a Board of Review for membership. Based on the thoroughness of their application and expressed and demonstrated desire to align competence with character, WSHO certification is open to receive all applicants.

Why was WSHO created? To address the need for global competency and character in training and certifying distinguished Chaplains who can and will make a difference around the world on a person-to-person basis. WSHO founders believe they were inspired and guided to provide service to God, and to the people of the Earth, in sustaining, reviving and inviting faith and the right to religious freedom around the world.

What is professional bonding and why is it important? Bonding ensures clients and employers against loss and/or incompetency. It is an extra layer of verifying the quality of service provided. To be professionally rated as a WSHO board certified and bonded member is the highest in the industry.

Will WSHO Chapters function differently than in other organizations? Yes. WSHO is a nonprofit organization but is owned and operated by practitioners who place emphasis on supporting their members individually as well as within groups. A high level of support, camaraderie and expectation is set for all Chapters.