Professional Chaplain

“Character first, Competence always”

The World Spiritual Health Organization (WSHO) is the premier organization for exceptional chaplains who are consummate professionals in spiritual care and counseling, and whose personal and professional lives demonstrate both high moral character and “competent compassion” within an inter-faith, inter-cultural, and inter-disciplinary context.

WSHO asserts professional competence of itself is insufficient, and must always be built upon the foundation of character. By character we refer to personal qualities and attributes such as moral courage and trust, responsibility and dependability, loyality and self-control, truth, honor and humility.

Chaplains who are board certified through WSHO represent the highest standards of professional chaplaincy anywhere in the world. Employers, and even clients, are pleased to learn that our standards attract only the highest quality chaplains. For instance, WSHO chaplains not only undergo a rigorous board certification process that incorporates personal character and professional competence, but also an extensive background check to ensure WSHO chaplains are bondable. We believe credibilty comes through accountability, and in order to maintain quality assurance in WSHO our board certified chaplains must also successfully pass an annual peer review process supervised by WSHO leaders in order to retain their board certification credential.

To keep our chaplains on ‘the cutting edge’ of effective ministry and care, and to avoid compassion fatigue, as well as to meet ongoing professional needs and interests, our board certified chaplains are encourraged to form and to meet regularly in WSHO chapters throughout the world. In these WSHO chapters chaplains will beneift from the support and comraderie, as well as maintain accountability to and for one another, similar to a “battle-buddy system.” WSHO CPE programs and training curricula are unique, contemporary, and “tested and proven” over years of experience and praticum in the field.

WSHO boldly espouses correct principles over political correctness. We believe in doing what is right and standing up for truth, freedom, mercy and justice. We vigilantly guard against pride, cronyism and corruption, and diligently protect, through policy and practice, against secularized and/or clinical bueracracy devoid of principled values and accountabilty.

“All to the glory of God.” We intentionally put all things spiritual first and foremost in what we do as noted in our WSHO mission statement: “Spirituality: Where it is alive, sustain it. Where it is dormant, revive it. And where it is absent, invite it.”“For except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain which build it.” (Psalm 127:1).

To be a board certified Professional Chaplain by WSHO is indicative of Chaplaincy at its very best.

To learn more about WSHO, the benefits of membership and the standards for board certification as Professional Chaplain, please complete the attached application form and email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.