Institutions and agencies, including hospitals, churches, counseling centers, etc., interested in conducting a comprehensive or abbreviated Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program in their facility can apply for WSHO-CPE Accreditation and Licensing.

A unique feature of WSHO accreditation and licensing is the flexibility we offer to customize CPE programs tailored to meet the needs and interests of the institution. WSHO-CPE programs are deliberately "institution-friendly" and avoid the costly and heavily bureaucratic process so often associated with beginning and maintaining a CPE program.

Licensing opportunities are available for those institutions who wish to deploy a highly successful and proven "off the shelf" CPE program. The WSHO-CPE Program includes training-ready curriculum and materials needed to start a CPE program today.

CPE Supervisors/Trainers from other CPE cognate groups are welcome to apply for reciprocity and dual certification with WSHO.

Please click here to download the CPE Accreditation Application for Institutions.